the phases of dominic


So our Dominic…

1. Loves bath time. Like it’s the best time of every day for 13 months.

2. Hates bath time with a fiery passion for 3 weeks.

3. Goes back to loving bath time (present day).

It’s almost as if he doesn’t have the slightest memory of the past 3 weeks – screaming until his face was bright red, legs straddling the tub’s side in attempt to escape, soaking mama’s clothes as she gives up on another night of clean and gives in to the wailing child desperate to be released from the terror that is the bathtub.

I do not understand why he became traumatized by the bath time experience in the first place and why he decided it was truly an okay, safe place to be after all. But this type of thing has been a pattern for our dude – going through phases where he does one thing and then just stops as if he has no recollection of it ever happening.

Other examples include…

1. He used to do a head shake thing whenever he heard music… no longer.

2. He used to devour blueberries like he hadn’t eaten in days; now he throws them on the floor.

3. He used to used to drop his sippy on the floor after he was done with it, now he doesn’t (but this one we are happy about).

All of these became routine, expected behaviors that we’d grown accustomed to, and all of these same patterns have just stopped after so long.

Maybe this is normal. Maybe it’s a baby’s way of testing things out. Maybe he forgot how adorable it was when he shook his head to playing music. Maybe he was sick of being bathed each night. Maybe he is saving an interest or skill for later but needs the mental space to give attention to something new right now. BEATS ME.

But also, maybe, in his weird little phases of like and dislike, my son is teaching me to soak up every little moment.

Nothing is guaranteed. It’s not guaranteed that his fascination with cars will continue tomorrow. He may be onto something new. He may not make his cute fire truck sounds for weeks or months or ever again. Even his “uh-oh’s” that were present at least 20x a day for the past two weeks are beginning to fade.

They say, “enjoy the little things;” “enjoy your children when they are small because time passes all too quickly.” And just about as soon as I shrug off that cliche advice for the millionth time, Dominic decides he is done with that toy, that word, that food, and I am reminded that each moment with him is one to cherish. And I may never get some of them back.

Praise the Lord for the camera on my phone because documenting every little thing he does gives me the chance to relive it, to look back on moments I may not remember otherwise. And y’all know, nostalgic as I am, I do this on the regular.

He is ever changing, my sunshine boy. And without knowing it, without trying to, he is teaching me so much about the fleeting, fragile nature of this life on earth.

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